How to design a recreation room?

Recreation rooms are a great space for family and friends to relax and enjoy quality time together. Designing your recreation room, however, will require some planning as this space has to cater to multiple people. Here are some tips on how to get started.

Your basement – Since most recreation rooms use a home’s basement space, start by visiting your basement and noting down its features and things that you may want to hide.

Lighting – Since basements have little to no natural light, lighting plays a key role in making your recreational room inviting.

Treat it well – Remember that your basement is not a place to store your unused or unloved items. Treat your basement like any other space in your home.

Pick a focal point – A focal point will set the mood and create interest. Look at playing with color on walls and adding frames and artwork to add interest.

Temperature control – If a basement is too cold and damp, people will be less likely to spend time there. Look at a fireplace, a dehumidifier or a ceiling fan to circulate and freshen the air.

Define different areas – Define your areas by grouping your furniture, adding a rug or changing the color palette.

Window treatments – If you have windows in your basement, don’t ignore them. Make sure you add drapes to make the room as welcomed as the rest of your home.