Semi Frameless Glass Fencing Solutions

While looking into the certain aspects of fencing for pools one can take a look into the semi frameless glass fencing option. This option generally incorporates round post or power coated square, high wind rated and 50mm wide. The posts are generally pretreated within a zinc rich, non-toxic thermosetting and then they are power coated in order to provide corrosion resistance. This type of treatment to a fence for the swimming pool is actually ODS free meaning it consists of no kind of ozone depleting substances and thus these kind of fences has no kind of negative or adverse effects on our environments.

In order to consider building the glass fencing option for the swimming pools one should take a note of considering certain features of the glass fencing option. Firstly it should come with a workmanship guaranty of 7 years. Secondly, the post should consist of glass to cavity along with rubber sealing. Thirdly, it should blend along with the natural bush that goes onto providing a seamless fence. Fourthly, it needs to be deck mounted or has to be core drilled while paving. Fifthly, the semi frameless glass should ne 8mmm. Next the toughened glass should have polished edges and the wind rated posts should be certified. While the construction of the glass pool walls and the glass fencing is almost at its finishing stage one should get to know of its easy to clean procedures.