Seven ideas for designing on a budget

You may think that you require a large budget, to give your home a fresh new look. Here are some design ideas that are affordable and will create an impact.

Paint – Painting is a cheap investment that will give you the most dramatic results. If you want to create a bold statement, change the color of your walls but make sure it’s a color you wouldn’t get tired of seeing after a few months.

Do it yourself – For those on small budgets, the best decision is to tackle simple tasks yourself. This can include projects like painting, tiling, installing a new floor, sewing curtain panels or throw pillows.

Call on family and friends – Let your family and friends know that you might need some help on a home upgrade project and most of them will volunteer to help.

Shop second-hand stores – Second-hand stores offer a bounty of discounted items for rock bottom prices.

Look for slightly damaged merchandise – Look for deals on damaged items that can be easily mended or used as it.

Wait patiently for sales and discounts – If you want to buy items that are above your budget, wait for mid or end of the year sales. Speak to your favorite store’s manager and check when sales are on.

Mix but don’t match – Buying everything to match can be boring and expensive. For example, an entire suite of furniture would be much more than buying a couch from one store and a coffee table from another. Complement your set by upholstering the chairs and couch with the same fabric.