Soundproofing tips for a quieter home

Modern homes suffer from an abundance of noise, thanks to extremely noisy appliances, thin walls, wide open floor plans, and noise gadgets. Getting some peace is getting harder and harder. The solution: Soundproofing.

The problem with noise is that it can affect the quality of our sleep, focus during the day, and affect the quality of life we enjoy. Let’s look at some soundproofing techniques that will drastically reduce the amount unwanted sounds in the house.

Step 1 – Cut down on the noisy appliances in the house. Home appliances that are quiet or make less noise tend to be on the higher-end, but the silence can justify the cost. Faulty appliances are another source of noise that you can take care of immediately with small repairs.

Step 2 – Sound bounces off harder surfaces. You can reduce sound by replacing materials around the house with those that offer sound absorption properties. You can now buy sound blocking curtains, acoustic foam panels, and other easy to install surfaces that all block or absorb sound.

Step 3 – Next is the basement. A lot of our appliances are in the basement. The Foam Factory, Inc carries acoustic deadening foam that you can place on the walls and ceiling of the basement to reduce the amount of noise that gets through.

Step 4 – Replace your doors with sound-blocking doors to cut out the sound that comes through the hollow doors found in most homes. The remaining sound that comes gets in will come around sides, which you can cut off with weather-strip or soundproofing tape.