The basics of a secure mailbox

Mail is an extremely personal subject. Letters, documents, and packages all seem inconspicuous when they arrive, but each contains very personal information. Letters can contain everything from credit card numbers, social security numbers, and other private information. It is for this very reason that it is important to protect your mail with a secure mailbox.

Secure mailboxes are self-contained locked units into which the postman can drop mail. The mailbox prevents any tampering until you retrieve the items. The secure mailbox can be either wall mounted or even curbside. There are mailboxes, known as full-service mailboxes that contain both incoming and outgoing mail. A full-service mailbox has a flag that indicates when new mail has arrived, or there is mail for pickup.

There are three advantages to using a secure locking mailbox. The first is that when you are not around, you can give the key to someone else like a neighbor to collect mail. The second is that they can store large volumes of mail, ideal for times like vacation when there is nobody to check the mailbox. The third is the protection of your identity and mail. Most secure mailboxes are made of heavy gauge steel and will only open with the key making it hard for a casual thief to break into your mail.

When ordering a secure mailbox look for a strong box with enough capacity to collect mail during vacation. Also, like the mailboxes available at, ensure that they are US Postal Service approved.