Three ways to make your mailbox look better

We don’t change our mailboxes regularly. As a result, not a lot of attention goes to making our mailbox look better. We just leave it as it is. What a lot of people don’t realize is that with a few small tweaks, you can greatly improve the aesthetic appeal and utility of the mailbox. Here are three easy ways to make your residential mailbox look better:

Mailbox post

A common mistake is to replace the mailbox without changing the post. What you have is a brand new mailbox sitting on an old post that probably does not match the mailbox in any way. It is like buying a new car and putting old tires. A new post that matches the mailbox and the design language of your home will go a long way.

Mailbox cuff

A mailbox cuff, which sits underneath a mailbox is a great way to hide ungainly intersection of the mailbox and the post. When the cuff matches the box and post, you have a mailbox system that looks like a single whole piece.

Mailbox number

Another option is to add the mailbox address. You get them in various forms like plaques and designs. California Mailboxes carries a wide range including the Admiral range which includes the name of the street. Adding an address plaque is the icing on the cake when you already have a new post and a cuff to go with your new mailbox.

Your mailbox says a lot of about your home and a good looking mailbox that matches the aesthetic of your home will add both curbside appeal and value to your house.