Tips to Avoid Trial for Construction Claims

The thought of going to trial on a construction claim can seem daunting. Fortunately, thorough case preparation, dispute resolution and construction advisory services can help you resolve your case before trial. In many cases, motivated litigants can reach a resolution before the trial date arrives.

Prepare with Good Record Keeping

Preparing your case as thoroughly as possible can help in its resolution, says Lyle Charles Consulting. This can help the other side understand your position and the merits of your case. When you take careful steps to gather records and interview witnesses, this information can help you and the other side reach a meeting of the minds.

Hire Professional Assistance

One helpful way to reach an agreeable resolution is to work with a construction consultant. This person can help you understand the value of your claim. Too often, parties don’t resolve their case because they don’t really know what the claim is worth. A consultant can help you answer this question, so that you go into dispute resolution knowing what to expect.

Avoid Trial with Mediation

Another way you can resolve a case before trial is through private mediation. In mediation, you work with a person that’s trained to help litigants resolve disputes. They have a way of helping you to narrow the issues and discuss the case in a non-confrontational way.

Ultimately, a mediator can help you come up with resolutions that may not be available if the case proceeds to trial. This assistance can ultimately resolve a case before trial. Even if it seems like reaching an agreement is a lost cause, a mediator has training that can help the parties brainstorm resolutions to the case that they might not have considered.