What is closed cell foam

Written by Foam Factory, Inc.

Closed cell foam is a relatively strong medium density foam. Unlike other types of foam or open cell foam, there are no pores that allow any liquid or air inside. This is done by trapping gas bubbles within the foam during the curing process. This makes the foam stronger and denser than standard polyurethane foam.


In terms of use cases, any closed cell foam Canada can be used for applications which benefit from either its additional strength or its buoyancy. The buoyancy makes it ideal for life vests, swimming pool accessories. The density and strength make it ideal for custom cushions, boat cushions or packaging. Since the foam is waterproof it can be used as insulation layers for other types of foam and still be used in scenarios with potential water hazards.


The primary issue with using closed cell foam is the density. This makes for some uncomfortable cushions. One way to get around this is to encase the foam in batting which will make it more comfortable and then use waterproof cushion covers. Although these are used as support for mattresses, only a limited amount is used in order to maintain comfort.


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