5 Romantic Bedroom interior ideas for couples

A romantic bedroom can really provide a relaxing atmosphere for a couple. Apart from promoting intimacy, it helps to create emotions than a space of form and order. Here are 5 design ideas that will personalize your bedroom space as a couple.

Lighting – Lighting can make a big difference for a space. For a romantic atmosphere choose warm lighting on dimmers. Select lamp shades that offer subtle lighting and those that project the light upwards.

Wall paper – To create flair and romance, choose from an array of wall papers. Wallpaper stores provide a variety of wallpapers that offer texture and colour to your space. For those who prefer modern interiors, choose white, beige or dull gold wall paper with texture. One the other hand, for those who prefer more classic interiors, a floral design will bring colour to a space.

Furniture – Most bedrooms will require a bed, side tables and a small desk and chair. If the room has sufficient space a comfy couch and a coffee table is a relaxing addition. However, remember that your space should never look over crowded. Built in wardrobes and ample storage is necessary to keep the room neat and inviting at all times.

Curtaining – Rooms look the most inviting with curtains that are floor length. Choosing a good fabric and colour that will match most of your space is a good idea.

Rugs – A comfortable rug can really brighten a space. Look for ones in faux fur for a modern luxe look. For a more earthy space, look for rugs in green, beige and chocolate brown.