5 Foolproof decorating tips

Article Written by : Home Improvement Plus Perks

Professional interior designers always know to bring out the best in a home. Here are 5 professional tips that will freshen up your home’s interior, without breaking the bank.

The front door – To make a good first impression; paint your door a fun glossy shade. There are many colors to choose from, think of colors like red, yellow, orange or blue. Remember that screen doors are outdated; opt for a storm door with full-length glass that you can switch out for a screened panel.

Keep wall colors light and neutral – The flow of your house is important, for you and the guests you bring in. Therefore, stay way from jarring colored walls and choose colors like white, beige or grey. Neural wall shades will also give you flexibility when decorating.

Your living room furniture– Consider a hotel lobby, where furniture is placed in groupings to encourage conversation. You should follow the same method when organizing your living room. Look at grouping in a U or H shape and avoid pushing all the furniture against the walls.

Let the sun in – If you can’t afford good quality drapes, wait till you can and opt for naked windows (unless it’s your bedroom). For spaces that get a lot of light, choose light drapes that are fade resistant. Choose drapes from fabrics like cotton, linen, and silk blends as they hang well.

Hang a mirror in every room – Mirrors brighten a space and bounce light around the room. Place your mirrors on walls perpendicular to windows.