6 Awesome ideas to help you decorate your apartment for cheap

Moving into an apartment can be stress full as you want to move and make your new space your home. Here are some simple tips that will help you make your house a home and still stay within budget.

Buy removable wallpaper or decals – Using permanent wallpaper is not an option for renters as you will eventually have to return your home to its owner. Remember to choose a design that suits your personality and your space.

Build a DIY bar cart – A bar cart can give you a bit more space as well as function as an extra coffee table. Look at creating your own by visiting your local flea market and painting your bar cart to suit your space.

Make your room seem bigger with a large mirror – Floor length mirrors will make your apartment seem larger and let in more light.

Paint your old furniture – A new coat of paint on your current furniture will drastically change your furniture without costing you very much.

Hide storage creatively – Clutter will make your home look smaller and untidy. Look at placing your accessories, magazines, and books, in storage ottomans, chests, or vintage suitcases which can double up as a table.

Update lamp shades – If your lights look dated or you want to change up your look, consider investing in lamp shades in another color or add texture to your current lamp shades.