Experience the Luxury of Egyptian cotton Bedding

Egyptian cotton bedding is some of the most elegant and luxurious bedding you will ever have. This type of bedding has a high thread count which makes the sheets thick and soft like a blanket. Many people that have this type of bedding don’t use blankets since the sheets are so thick. While Egyptian bedding can be a bit more expensive they last much longer than bedding with a lower thread count. You can find all types of Egyptian bedding including sheets, bedspreads, dust ruffles, shams and duvets online.

Hotels used to be the only ones that used sheets with a high thread count. For years these types of sheets were only available for use in the hospitality industry. Today anyone can buy these types of luxurious sheets for use in their home. They are durable, strong and last a long time. You can find them at most retail stores, discount outlets and stores that sell all types of bedding.

When you have 550 thread count sheets on your bed it feels like you have a blanket instead of a sheet. These are very thick sheets and will definitely keep you warm in the winter.