Five room design tricks that will make your home beautiful

Article Written by : Amazing Interior Design

Creating a home that is pleasing to you and your family is a simple way to de-stress and come home to peaceful surroundings after a long day’s work. Here are some simple tips that interior designers swear by:

Hang artwork at the right height – Artwork placed too high will not give prominence to your pieces. Aim to place pieces only 3-8 inches above furniture. Large pieces can be placed lower, while smaller pieces can be placed

Rearrange bookshelves – To create balanced book shelves that are spontaneous and pleasing, look at placing 60% of your books horizontally and 40% vertically. To soften your shelf, add a few potted plants in between empty spaces.

Create space with the right mirror placement – To give the illusion of space, look at placing your mirrors centered at about 57 inches high. This height avoids eye strain as it is at eye level for most people.

Place a rug based on its size – You should buy a rug that can hold all your furniture with the back legs of your sofa, not on the rug. An eight by ten foot rug usually fits most living spaces.

Measure dining tables before you buy – A good quality dining table should be at least 36 inches wide to allow room for eating even when the center is filled with serving dishes.