Furniture for Your Next Camping Adventure

Summary: Pack the essential furniture to make your next camping trip as comfortable as possible.

If you do not plan on staying in a cabin during your camping trip, you will have to do some planning to figure out what you should and should not bring. There are some essentials you should pack to come prepared.

Robust Tent

If you plan on camping out in nature, one of the first things you will need to sort out is your sleeping situation. Since you will be sleeping outdoors, a robust camping tent is crucial. Out in the mountains you are more likely to experience extreme temperatures, rain, wind, and dry air. A tent that you can secure into the ground will keep the roof over your head from potentially blowing away. Some of the cheaper tents might feel flimsy and a little too flexible.

You probably do not want to spend too much money on camping but a solid tent that can handle the elements will surely be worth the investment. Whether you are purchasing a new couch cushion from The Foam Factory or a new tent from your local outdoor store, you need to know what is worth spending a little extra on.


In addition to a tent, you should also bring a comfy cushion to sleep on. If you have the space in your car and do not want to use an inflatable mattress, an old chair cushion could work just fine. Just make sure whatever is separating you from the cold, hard ground is comfortable to sleep on every night you are out in the woods.