Types of building repair and maintenance services

Construction consulting services provide building repair and maintenance services to help maintain a building and ensure that it works effectively. Buildings are maintained to ensure that the safety of the occupants and the public comply with statutory requirements.

There are many types of Building Repair and Maintenance Services, they include

Day to day repair services – These types of repairs include plumbing, water supply, fixing faulty wiring, and general garden maintenance. This form of maintenance concentrates on the satisfactory continuous functioning of the various services in the building.

Annual repairs – Annual repairs concentrate on maintaining the general look of the building and include painting, washing, and cleaning. Often these repairs are done once a year and are planned at a specific time to reduce inconvenience to the occupants and the public.

Special repairs – Special repairs concentrate on restoring deteriorated aspects of the building and look at restoring the building to its original condition.

Additions and Alterations – Additions and alterations are undertaken at the request of occupants to ensure that the building is functionally efficient.

Preventive Maintenance – Preventative maintenance is undertaken to avoid the breakdown of machinery due to usage and climate. This form of maintenance will include maintenance of lifts, air conditioners, gates, security alarm systems, etc.

Lyle Charles recommends that to ensure that a building lasts and is safe for its occupants, all the above forms of maintenance should be undertaken throughout the year.