6 Decorating tips for older homes

Article Written by : Furniture Your Way

Owning a home or an apartment that has a certain quirky charm because of its age is a wonderful thing. However, everyone loves to update their home, therefore here are six decorating tips that are ideal for older homes.

Paint the walls, ceiling and trim – Most old homes and apartments have beautiful molding, trim and door details. To highlight this detail, paint the walls, ceilings and trim with a fresh coat of paint.

If your trim work is in good shape paint it in a contrasting shade – To show off your trim, you could consider painting your trim a shade of navy or gray. Make sure you paint all your rooms to show a sense of consistency.

Celebrate stained glass – For those spaces that have old stained glass, keep your walls a simple white to let your glass take center stage.

Use in window shades – In window shades are a good option compared to hanging drapes. This is mainly because your shades will show off your trim and give a modern touch to your space.

Use drapery to conceal awkward windows – Some old homes have odd windows in unusual places. To clean up your space, use tall drapes to block the window and the light.

Use airy shelving units – Airy storage displays are a nice way to showcase your collectible. To hide other items and to use the display to its fullest, add a few wicker baskets at the base.