Using acoustic foam for soundproofing and decoration

Blog provided by The Foam Factory

Whether you need to reduce noise pollution in your building or you’re just looking for a new design idea, acoustic foam panels can be a creative way to absorb unwanted noise while adding a new design dimension to your room layout. You can use the dynamic, eye-catching shapes of certain acoustic foam types such as acoustic pyramid, acoustic spade, acoustic wave, or acoustic grid panels to add new textures to your walls. You can also buy colored acoustic foam panels or drop ceiling tiles and cut your own DIY design patterns from them. Try to mix and match foam colors to complement the colors of the furniture in your room.

Acoustic foam’s effectiveness as a sound absorber and design element can be traced back to its structure. Acoustic panels are made from open-cell foam that is both malleable and a poor reflector of sound. Echoes and reverberations are caused by sound waves reflecting off hard, flat surfaces and bouncing throughout a room. The result is louder, noisier rooms that make it difficult to hear finer sounds such as human voices or music. Instead of reflecting energy from sound waves, acoustic foam absorbs the energy and dissipates some of it as heat. This will not block outside noise from coming into your room completely, but it will increase the quality of sound, allowing you to hear the television or to have clearer conversations without being drowned out by noise pollution.

When it comes to design, open-cell foam is not difficult to cut and shape into nearly any shape you can imagine. You can even use it for arts and crafts projects such as custom stamps. Take a look at this article from DigsDigs for some inspiration for acoustic panel arrangements and shapes that you can make at home.

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