7 design tips to make a small bathroom look bigger

Article Written by : Do It Yourself Swimming Pool

Small bathrooms will require you to be a bit more creative as you have to allow enough clearance for the shower, sink, and toilet and still have sufficient space to move around. Here are some smart tips that will make the most of your small bathroom.

Install a corner sink – To ensure that your sink does not disrupt your traffic line, install a corner sink that takes a lot less space. This arrangement will also give you more space for opening and closing of your shower door.

Use a shower curtain – A shower curtain will save you space compared to a glass door that moves in and out.

Float the vanity – Mounting your vanity on the wall will give you lots of space at the base while making your space seem larger.

Round the vanity – Tight spaces means that you have to maneuver through corners. Rounding your vanity will let you and your family move through the bathroom with fewer

Use a large-scale pattern – A large patterned tile will make your space seem larger.

Skip the shower door – A glass shower door will need at least 5 feet to ensure that the door used with ease. Instead, opt for a glass divider that will keep the water out and save you space.

Expand the mirror – If you expand the mirror past the vanity, more people can use the mirror at any given time, while at the same time make your space seem larger.