7 Low-cost interior solutions for all types of homes

Written by Better Backyards

Interiors look their best when a space is personalized with accents and focal points that complete a space. Since decorating can be expensive, here are some low-cost interior solutions that will help you personalize your space.

Hand plates – Plates hung on a wall can create a pretty backdrop for a dining space, kitchen or a corridor. Make sure you use sleek hangers to hold the plates safely and securely.

Paint a canvas – Let your talent speak for itself by decorating your space with original pieces of artwork. Look at using a cardboard template or if you feel brave paint freehand.

Make your art – Use recycled pieces that are considered waste in your home and create a piece of art that represents your personality and décor.

Be crafty – Frame wrapping paper or interesting prints on your wall to create interest in your dining, living room or bedroom.

Be natural – Natural pieces of old reclaimed wood, logs or frames can be used to add a rustic feel to your home.

Fake headboards – Although all beds do not have headboards, a headboard can create interest in a bedroom and provide a focal point. You can fake a headboard by painting a headboard on the wall and adding large throw pillows to add comfort.

Display collections – If you are a collector of miniature cars, vases, glass wear or any other item, look at creatively displaying your collections in your home.