How to decorate a Christmas tree?

For those looking to decorate a well planned Christmas tree start off by decorating your tree using these simple style layers.

Hang Christmas tree lights – The first step to decorating your Christmas tree is to put up your Christmas tree lights. Your Christmas tree lights strand color should match your tree so that the wires remain hidden. Look at lighting up your tree from the inside out. Start with the bases and work your up, moving from trunk to tip. There are three main types of Christmas tree lights, and they include traditional incandescent lights, LED lights, globe lights, and bubble lights. LED lights are more expensive, but they produce less heat and are flame and fireproof.

Add Christmas tree garland – Start your garlands from the top of the tree and increase the number of garland strands as you work your way down. Look at using two strands of garland between every vertical foot of the tree. To avoid a busy-look, use a variety of garlands from thin to thick with different textures.

Hang your Christmas tree ornaments – Look at ornaments of different sizes from small, medium to large and space your ornaments evenly. Finally, finish your tree with some tinsel and brush on snow to fill in the blanks.

It is a good idea to start planning your Christmas tree décor well in advance to ensure that you can source the right ornaments to match your color theme for that year.