4 Types of cane chairs

Written by Wicker Paradise

Cane is a popular choice by many, mainly because it is durable, comfortable and comes in a variety of styles that often suits everyone’s tastes. However, choosing between the different types of cane can be confusing. Here is a brief description of 4 different types of cane chairs.

Pressed cane – Pressed cane is woven on a loom in the form of sheets. It is then pressed into shape and then finished off with spline and glue. There are a number of weaves from modern open weaves to herringbone fine weaves to choose from.

Hand cane – This type of chair will have a number of drilled holes at the end of the frame. The weaves pattern provides durability and strength. There are a number of patterns available in this type of weave, from diamond, sunray to Star of David and more.

Rush – This is a weave that wraps its materials in figure eight patterns. Materials can include paper, seagrass, cattails or bulrush. Often these types of chairs are made using paper or seagrass rush. The weave is made by twisting the material and is available in different sizes.

Wicker – Wicker chairs are made using different types of materials from natural to synthetic. Wicker weaves are strong, but its durability will greatly depend on the material used. For example, wicker weaved from paper will not be suitable for outdoor use, as is very sensitive to moisture.

To add comfort to your cane chairs add replacement patio cushions. Such cushions will give your furnishing a fresh new look and increase its durability.


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