5 Decorating tips that will your room look better

Designing your space can take a lot of inspiration and time. However, there are key design tips that are timeless because they can be adapted to any space. Here are five decrotaing tips that will make your room look better.

Pick the paint color last – It may make sense to choose your paint color first and then add your furnishings. However, since light defers from room to room, it is better to move in and then decide what color to paint your walls. Choose a color that compliments your upholstery, art, rug and furniture.

Resist overcrowding – Your room should allow you to maneuver the space with ease. Instead of filling your space with more furniture, look at investing in good quality pieces.

Hang artwork at the right height – According to galleries and museums, artwork should hang 57 – 60 inches from the floor, which is the average human eye level.

Know how to arrange furniture on a rug – There are three ways to arrange furniture on a rug, firstly you can place all your furniture on the rug, secondly all of it off the rug or thirdly you can place the front feet of your seating on the rug.

Resist the urge to be too theme-y – A space that is always within a theme will lack personality and flexibility. Instead depict your theme by using a color pallet, artwork, and materials that give the effect of the theme.