The ultimate kitchen design resource guide

If you are considering setting up your new kitchen or renovating your old one, it is best to consider all your options before hand to avoid expensive remodeling.

Start off by asking yourself what you want out of your kitchen space. For example, what are the problem areas in your current kitchen. You can then move on to deciding your budget. You can slash the cost of an upgrade if you do some of the work yourself. Here is a kitchen resource guide for your new kitchen.

  1. Color scheme – Choosing a neutral color scheme for your kitchen is a smart idea as it gives you a way of adding or reducing color. White and off-white are the most popular shades for kitchens at the moment. Remember that whatever color you choose, you should be able to source your appliances in a similar shade.
  2. Cabinets – Changing your cabinets can be expensive. You can revamp your space by applying a fresh coat of paint or by adding lighting.
  1. Flooring – If your kitchen gets a lot of foot traffic, it is best to select flooring that is easily mopped and is darker in color (slate grey/ black).4. Counter-tops – When choosing a counter-top, look at factors such as cost and maintenance. You can consider materials such as tiles, granite, marble, glass, stainless steel and engineered quartz.
  1. Islands – islands are an advantage, as they provide additional kitchen storage space, seating and secure resale value, if you decide to sell your property.