Bedding Ideas for Rooms with Tight Spaces

When you don’t have much room to work with, like college dorms or big city apartments, you’ve got to get creative with how you design your space. This guide will cover some of the best ideas for conserving space, including sleeping and living quarters. Anyone, regardless of the space you were used to living in before, will be able to live in a smaller space after reading this advice.

Downgrade Your Bed Size With a Couch

One of the best ways to conserve space is to keep a rollout bed, or foldout couch bed. A natural latex mattress topper will add comfort and give you the exact softness you need to sleep deeply. Plus, the natural latex isn’t flammable, nor does it contain harmful chemicals.

You can usually find a natural latex mattress online for under or about $150 depending on the size you need. Most people feel pretty comfortable with a double, but space may necessitate a single.

The key here is to drop the mattress because bed frames take up space. Newlyweds don’t always have this convenience, so they have to get creative. For limited spaces, try out a floating bed frame with a mattress from Canada. Save big on shipping and manufacture, build the floating frame yourself. You can even string LEDs below the frame for accent/ambient lighting and a modern look. The floating bed looks elegant too.

If you build a raised bed, you can store a desk or some boxes below, which will help to consolidate even more space and give you a nook to relax.


The key to living in a tight space is to bear in mind that there is a place for everything, and everything has its place. Invest in plastic storage bins for your toiletries (and makeup for women). Get used to containers in the pantry, use shelving and downsize the stuff you have with you. Are you a heavy reader? Donate books to your local library.

Storage helps you maximize your shelving and stay organized. You’ll find it will make things easier to find over time too.

Reducing clutter is a big part of feeling like you have an open space. A small room without clutter, and with furniture spaced properly, feels much larger and more open. Another key design concept to keep in mind is flow from one open space to another. Your home should have a clear pathway one can take to get from one open space in the floor plan to the next. And there should be room to move around a bit within those spaces.

Stick to these rules, and you’ll find living in a smaller space isn’t as difficult as you might think.
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