Crisis Management in construction projects

Written by Lyle Charles

Construction advisory services should be used by construction firms to assist in crisis management. This process involves a management model that helps detect, prevent negative effects on construction firms faced with a crisis. These methods are applied to minimize loss and include activities for a quick recovery.

A construction claims consultant will manage the following;

Informing about the level of the crisis

Provide time for managers to evaluate the situation.

Provide alternative methods to escape from the crisis.

However, crises management will not prevent crises absolutely but minimize the negative results. There are a number of crisis management approaches and they include;

The Escaping Approach – This approach will manage the internal and external environment to improve predictions of a future Here the key objectives of the company should be established.

The Solving Approach – This approach will look at the predictions of the crisis plus its impact on all parties. The approach taken should be patient and should take advantage of the fact that a crisis can also bring opportunities.

The Proactive Approach – This approach will look at top management to offer solutions to potential crises. This will help to put through preventive measures that focus on adapting to crises. Most often early warning signs will have to be put into place methods to highlight future issues.

The Reactive Approach – This is most suitable for unexpected

problems. Therefore with time constraints, managers will have to take aggressive decisions following an immediate meeting of the board of directors.


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