Washing cushions correctly

Written by The Foam Factory

No matter what the cushion, it should be washed with care. Fail to do so and the cushions could be ruined and will require replacement cushions. Here is how to wash cushions correctly:

The first step is pre-cleaning. Thoroughly vacuum the couch cushions and remove all dirt, dust, and lint. Homes with pets will need special cleaning products designed for pet hair as vacuum cleaners don’t do an effective job of removing hair. Now examine the cushions and determine what level of cleaning is required.

Check the tags of the cushions and note down the details of the suggested washing method and temperatures.

Once the initial cleaning is done, if the only remainder is minor stains then use a spot cleaner. For very recent spills, use a cloth to soak up as much of whatever liquid has spilled before it goes further into the foam.

For harder-to-remove stains, try a steam cleaner. Use the type that has been designed for use on furniture and not the apparel versions. When using a steam cleaner, do the entire couch rather than the stained spot alone. This way the entire couch will have a more uniform appearance.

If the stain has gone through into the cushion, the gentlest way to wash it would be to soak it in a tub of water with regular detergent.


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