Wicker furniture buying guide

Summary: Wicker is a woven fiber that comes in synthetic and organic materials. Go with synthetic for outdoor spaces and organic for indoor areas. Get the most out of your wicker furniture by adding cushions and regular maintenance.

Wicker is a woven fiber that comes in both synthetic and organic materials. For the garden, synthetic wicker is best as it is UV stabilized and therefore will not crack, unravel or snap due to heat or moisture. For indoor use, organic wicker is more affordable and durable. Here are some simple tips to follow when investing in wicker.

Firstly decide if your home is traditional or modern. Traditional wicker pieces are rounder, larger and have thinner arm rests. But for a more modern space, look at wicker furniture that is squarer and sleeker.

For maximum comfort adding comfortable cushions is a must. Look at fabrics that match the color and texture of your wicker furniture and ensure that the fabrics you choose are durable and suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

It is a good idea to choose round wicker instead of flat because round wicker is less likely to snap. Wicker that is UV stabilized will also last a lot longer and need a lot less maintenance. If you’re using wicker for indoor use, consider applying a protective coating to keep your wicker from breaking or fading.

Clean your wicker at least thrice a year by mixing soap with water and using a light brush to scrub away the dust. Let your furniture dry for at least a day before placing your cushions back in place.

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